Maggie’s Place

Maggie’s Place Cleveland, OH Maggie’s Place provides life-changing programs and services for pregnant and parenting women and their children by offering a warm community, a safe place to live, and ongoing services to help them become self-sufficient. Our work, at its core, is creating a home. For more information, visit:

Power Inspires Progress

Power Inspires Progress Cincinnati, OH Power Inspires Progress seeks a flexible, dedicated professional to assist with its efforts to provide stabilization and job placement to individuals with chronic barriers to employment.  Individuals gain experience in our restaurant and catering enterprise while working on a co-created stabilization plan. For more information, visit:

United Against Poverty

United Against Poverty Apopka, FL United Against Poverty serves those experiencing poverty in the Orlando area. This organization provides job readiness services, teaching GED, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, and general workplace skills. The NDA Member for this site will teach classes, make appropriate referrals and work with volunteers. For more information, visit:

Polis Institute

Polis Institute Apopka, FL The NDA member supports Polis Institute’s mission to combat social problems as an Academic Support Coordinator. In this role, the member supports students from low-income families and their families. Using strong social skills, the member will assist students with study and organizational skills, as well as accessing academic resources. For more…

Americans for Immigrant Justice

Americans for Immigrant Justice  Miami, FL Americans for Immigrant Justice (AIJustice) provides assistance to the immigrant community in Miami. The NDA member at AIJustice serves with the Immigrant Children Legal Services Program (ICLASP), which provides wrap-around services to minors who are in the immigration process. For more information, visit:

Guadalupe Center

Guadalupe Center Immokalee, FL The Guadalupe Center provides children of Immokalee access to high-quality academic support programs. Programs serve kids from early childhood through college graduation. Three core programs provide over 1,100 children in Immokalee with the hope of a prosperous and productive life. NDA members provide academic assistance and help address other needs. For…

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Self-Help Federal Credit Union Apopka, FL The NDA member creates a strong network of referral sources for credit union services (mortgage loans) in the low income communities, conducting outreach to academic, religious, immigrant and in other settings that serve low-income communities. Member will also work to identify natural allies working against predatory lending (payday lending,…

Hope CommUnity Center

Hope CommUnity Center Apopka, FL Hope CommUnity Center (HOPE) hosts Apopka team. The center works with immigrants, farm workers, and low-income families. After-school tutoring programs for elementary, middle and high school students (bilingual English/Spanish required). Includes supervising volunteers, tracking student attendance and progress, and communicating with parents Adult education classes – focused on ESL, GED,…

Su Casa Hispanic Center

Su Casa Hispanic Center Cincinnati, OH Founded in 1997, Su Casa is the primary provider of social, educational, language, employment and health care services to the Hispanic/Latino community in Greater Cincinnati. The mission is to help individuals in the immigrant community reach self-sufficiency. The NDA member assists with ESOL and after school programs. Member must…

St. Joan of Arc & Our Lady of Hope

St. Joan of Arc & Our Lady of Hope Philadelphia, PA The NDA Member will assist with Adult Education and community resource projects, such as ESL, after school programs, and volunteer recruitment. With the director, the member will assist with daily community activities. Members will provide office and data entry support as well as develop…