United Against Poverty

United Against Poverty Apopka, FL United Against Poverty serves those experiencing poverty in the Orlando area. This organization provides job readiness services, teaching GED, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, and general workplace skills. The NDA Member for this site will teach classes, make appropriate referrals and work with volunteers. For more information, visit: https://unitedagainstpoverty.org/

Julie’s Family Learning Program (JFLP)

Julie’s Family Learning Program (JFLP) Boston, MA Julie’s is a family support and education program that is committed to the growth of strong, stable, and healthy families. Julie’s serves at-risk mothers and children so that they can become healthy, successful and financially independent members of their communities. For more information, visit: http://www.juliesfamily.org/

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Self-Help Federal Credit Union Apopka, FL The NDA member creates a strong network of referral sources for credit union services (mortgage loans) in the low income communities, conducting outreach to academic, religious, immigrant and in other settings that serve low-income communities. Member will also work to identify natural allies working against predatory lending (payday lending,…

Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation

Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation Apopka, FL NDA members support low-income residents living in ONIC communities. They coordinate activities with residents, such as after-school tutoring, youth enrichment activities, financial literacy for adults and they perform outreach. Members meet with parents and youth to provide feedback and discuss progress. For more information, visit: www.orlandoneighborhood.org/