Stetson University

Stetson University Apopka, FL At Stetson University, NDA members serve at the Multicultural Student Council. The member advises leaders and members of student organizations. Stetson University is located in Deland, FL. For more information, visit:

Hope CommUnity Center

Hope CommUnity Center Apopka, FL Hope CommUnity Center (HOPE) hosts Apopka team. The center works with immigrants, farm workers, and low-income families. After-school tutoring programs for elementary, middle and high school students (bilingual English/Spanish required). Includes supervising volunteers, tracking student attendance and progress, and communicating with parents Adult education classes – focused on ESL, GED,…

Cristo Rey High School

Cristo Rey High School Baltimore, MD Cristo Rey is a Jesuit college preparatory school, which empowers students to succeed. Cristo Rey focuses on job readiness, by requiring students to intern. NDA members offer classroom support and help create and implement enrichment activities. For more information, visit:

Boys Hope Girls Hope

Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore, MD Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore (BHGH) provides residential care, access to excellent schools, enrichment opportunities, and support through college. NDA members provide homework help, communicate with teachers and parents, and help kids each their academic goals. For more information, visit:

Living Classrooms Foundation – Crossroads School

Living Classrooms Foundation – Crossroads School Baltimore, MD The Crossroads School is a charter middle school. The school draws students from five East Baltimore elementary schools. It serves 150 students in 6th through 8th grades. NDA members assist with planning and implementation of existing programs. For more information, visit:

Julie Community Center

Julie Community Center Baltimore, MD The Julie Community Center focuses on initiatives that expand the neighborhood’s access to education, with special dedication to children and underserved families. The Center provides youth enrichment programs, a youth summer camp, and GED classes for adults. For more information, visit:

AIRS Inc – Don Miller House

AIRS Inc – Don Miller House Baltimore, MD This residential program provides personal care and assistance to residents, who are community members living with HIV/AIDS. Don Miller House is responsible for the supervision of community volunteers and coordination of activities to provide hope and strength to adult residents living with HIV/AIDS. NDA members coordinate group…

Stocks in the Future

Stocks in the Future Baltimore, MD The Stocks in the Future Program is based in middle schools in underserved Baltimore communities. Stocks in the Future focuses on broadening access to financial literacy tools. It also exposes youth to math, reading, and social skills. For more information, visit:

World Ocean School

World Ocean School Greater Boston, MA The World Ocean School challenges students academically, physically, and emotionally aboard their historic ship, Roseway. NDA crewmembers live and work aboard the Roseway. They teach life skills and character development. Members and staff provide a safe exciting space for learning. For more information, visit:

Our Sisters’ School

Our Sisters’ School Greater Boston, MA Our Sisters’ School’s mission is to educate and inspire economically underserved girls from the New Bedford area. Our Sisters’ School empowers girls by providing a safe and academically challenging environment. NDA members assist lead teachers in the classroom and lead enrichment activities. For more information, visit:

Nativity Preparatory School of Boston

Nativity Preparatory School of Boston Greater Boston, MA Nativity Preparatory School is an all-boys middle school. Nativity’s academically challenging and structured environment helps students grow a love for learning responsibility to their community.  NDA members serve with lead teachers. They help plan lessons, provide classroom assistance, supervise recess and meal-times, and coach athletics. For more…

Mother Caroline Academy

Mother Caroline Academy Greater Boston, MA Mother Caroline Academy is an all-girls middle school for grades 4-8. It emphasizes the importance of scholarship, leadership, and moral development. NDA members lead classroom groups under guidance of experienced educators. They also lead activities in the afternoons, and supervise recess and evening study. For more information, visit: