Boston Children’s Relief Initiative

Every child in Boston needs a safe, supportive, and engaging
environment during the school day.
With a year of service, you can support children and families
as schools adapt to virtual and hybrid learning during Covid-19.

Open Service Opportunities

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps, in partnership with Neighborhood Villages, launched Boston Children’s Relief Initiative (BCRI) to address the challenges of virtual and hybrid learning during Covid-19.

For more information or questions, please reach out to Kiera Powers at

AmeriCorps Member – Distance Learning Specialist

  • Coordinate distance learning for student(s) in a distance learning setting
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers on what resources and supports are needed for individual students
  • Distributing materials (i.e. meals, technology, school supplies…etc)
  • Uploading classroom materials and resources to online school-based platforms
  • Providing one on one/small group instruction via video
  • Record in school teacher lessons and uploading on school-based drive
  • Communicate with parents and stakeholders to ensure all parties are accurately updated with information regarding student success
  • Assist in technology support efforts

AmeriCorps Member – Learning Loss Acceleration Specialist

  • Assist in academic recovery through one on one and small group interventions and instruction throughout the school day and/or through distance learning
  • Administering or helping facilitate school tests to see where students are academically upon arriving back to school
  • Providing one on one and small group instructions throughout the school year to promote school readiness
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers, families, and stakeholders to support student academic and social emotional needs
  • Monitoring student academic progress

AmeriCorps Member – Individual Cohort or “Pod” Support

  • Support a specific cohort of students reentering the school building and help normalize the new protocols and policies implemented within the school day by monitoring and promoting school’s health requirements
  • Monitoring hand washing stations during critical times of day (i.e. lunch, entering classrooms/building…etc.)
  • Ensuring students have and are wearing masks as they enter the building and throughout the school day
  • Supporting temperature check stations
  • Monitoring and facilitate transportation to and from school
  • Distributing support (i.e. meals, technology, school supplies…etc).
  • Provide academic support to a specific cohort of students throughout their school day and/or during distance learning
  • Communicate with parents and stakeholders of that cohort to ensure all parties are accurately updated with information before, during, and after a COVID outbreak

AmeriCorps Benefits

We provide AmeriCorps members with the following benefits

Living Allowance

A living allowance of $14,279 is distributed biweekly over the 11 month service period. This comes out to be roughly $594.00 biweekly before taxes.

Childcare Assistance

Members are eligible to receive child care assistance, which covers up to the state’s local market rate for child care fees. For more information about childcare assets visit the Gap Solutions website.

Segal Education Award

Upon successful completion of their service, members receive an education award of $6,195 (taxable).

The Segal Education Award can be applied to qualified student loans or future education.

Health Care

NDA members are eligible to enroll in our health insurance plan.

Student Loan Forbearance

Members can place qualified student loans into forbearance during their service.

The National Service Trust will pay the interest that accrues on qualified loans during the time a person is in service. To learn more, visit the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award website.

Development and Training

  • Orientation: Local Site Directors lead orientations at the beginning of the service term.
  • Team meetings:  Placements include regular training on relevant topics each month.
  • Mid-Year Conference: Members participate in workshops, engage in reflections, and hear from keynote speakers.

Focus Areas

Our work focuses on educating, providing opportunity and building community.
volunteer in class


NDMV members and volunteers serve alongside communities to expand access to education. Members provide support in a range of learning environments, including schools and community centers. With NDMV’s participation, learners of all ages are able to receive the individualized instruction that is the key to unlocking their full potential. 

volunteer with kids

Providing Opportunity

We seek to improve the access to education for communities and individuals in order to help them reach their full potential. We recognize that many factors can limit one’s opportunities. We aim to work alongside these people to find their paths to success.

Building Community

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers builds on the Sisters of Notre Dame tradition of building learning communities. Community partners, members, Sisters, and students strengthen communities every day by learning and serving alongside one another.

Notre Dame-AmeriCorps, believes that education is the fundamental tool in the struggle of the poor for human dignity, self-esteem, and self-determination. We seek to build community among our members, as well as the people with whom we work by reaching out across culture and class.