Site Manager for Dayton, OH

Brenden Dines

Services Sites in Dayton, Ohio


Adventure Central 

Adventure Central at Wesleyan MetroPark serves youth in Dayton during out-of-school hours. NDA members at Adventure Central assist with after-school programs, day camp, activity night, and parent engagement programs. They will gain experience with designing and leading K-12 STEM academic enrichment activities.


DECA Middle School

DECA Middle is a charter school serving grades 5-8 in downtown Dayton. The NDA Teaching Assistants will serve as instructional assistants to a specific grade level team (5th grade and 8th grade). They will support teachers with instruction by being present in classrooms, working with small groups and individual students to support their understanding of grade level content, and conducting intervention sessions with small groups of students in the areas of reading and math. Members should have some college and should have experience working with school age children.


Fiver River MetroParks

The NDA Green Schoolyards/ Green Community Outreach Coordinator works with schools in the Miami Valley to promote opportunities for youth to connect with nature. Members will assist with classes, trainings, and in-person visits to teachers and other adults interested in gardening with children. They will gain experience with both environmental education and working with teachers and administrators.


Germantown MetroPark

The NDA member will learn many of the skills needed to become an environmental educator by working with the Green Schoolyards program to help promote youth access to gardens and habitats. Members also provide animal care, assist with programming, and train volunteers.


Mission of Mary Cooperative

Our mission is to improve the community life of the Twin Towers neighborhood by engaging in urban agriculture, urban land restoration, and community education. The Farm Education Assistant will assist with the Backyard Gardens and Community Gardens programs. They will assist with food production in addition to assisting with volunteer and educational initiatives.


Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center

Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center invites others to join with us in experiencing the joys and responsibilities of caring for land, life and spirit, inspiring others to become shepherds of creation in their own corners of the world. We are located in Blacklick, just outside of Columbus. The NDA member will assist with environmental education including supervising visiting school groups, assisting with environmental education programming, supporting volunteers, and assisting with gardening and animal care. The member will also teach ELL to the surrounding immigrant community. Applicants should have experience working with children and should have an interest in ecology and sustainable farming.


St. Benedict the Moor Catholic School

The NDA members will assist with individual and group learning for students in grades 2 through 5 in all subject areas. The members will also assist teachers with lessons and with the supervision of students. They will gain experience with working with younger students in both small group and classroom settings.