Julie Community Center

Julie Community Center Baltimore, MD The Julie Community Center focuses on initiatives that expand the neighborhood’s access to education, with special dedication to children and underserved families. The Center provides youth enrichment programs, a youth summer camp, and GED classes for adults. For more information, visit: http://source.jhu.edu/volunteer-agencies/community-development-organizations/julie-community-center.html

Our Sisters’ School

Our Sisters’ School Greater Boston, MA Our Sisters’ School’s mission is to educate and inspire economically underserved girls from the New Bedford area. Our Sisters’ School empowers girls by providing a safe and academically challenging environment. NDA members assist lead teachers in the classroom and lead enrichment activities. For more information, visit: http://www.oursistersschool.org/

Nativity Preparatory School of New Bedford

Nativity Preparatory School of New Bedford Greater Boston, MA Nativity Preparatory School is an all-boys middle school serving the New Bedford area. The school provides a challenging and supportive learning environment. The goal is to graduate young men who are prepared for further education and dedicated to serving others. NDA members assist in the classroom,…

Nativity Preparatory School of Boston

Nativity Preparatory School of Boston Greater Boston, MA Nativity Preparatory School is an all-boys middle school. Nativity’s academically challenging and structured environment helps students grow a love for learning responsibility to their community.  NDA members serve with lead teachers. They help plan lessons, provide classroom assistance, supervise recess and meal-times, and coach athletics. For more…

Mother Caroline Academy

Mother Caroline Academy Greater Boston, MA Mother Caroline Academy is an all-girls middle school for grades 4-8. It emphasizes the importance of scholarship, leadership, and moral development. NDA members lead classroom groups under guidance of experienced educators. They also lead activities in the afternoons, and supervise recess and evening study. For more information, visit: http://www.mcaec.org/

Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn Bend, OR Bethlehem Inn is an emergency shelter that provides a safe place to sleep, eat, and case management for adults and children experiencing homelessness. Members assist with regular programming and case management. For more information, visit: https://bethleheminn.org/

Boulder Housing Partners

Boulder Housing Partners Boulder, CO Boulder Housing Partners has partnered with “I Have A Dream” to offer site-based educational programming to low-income youth. This program follows the “cradle to career model.” NDA members help support high school aged youth with strategies to succeed in school and develop goals. Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) has been a…

“I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County

“I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County Boulder, CO At the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, we provide individualized social, emotional, and academic support to young people from low-income communities from 1st grade all the way through college, along with guaranteed tuition support. We believe that when given equal access to the resources they…

KIPP Chicago Public Charter Schools

KIPP Chicago Public Charter Schools Chicago, IL Founded in 2003, KIPP Chicago Schools began with a single class of fifth graders at KIPP Ascend Middle School. Today, KIPP Chicago includes multiple schools, serving more than 1,000 students in grades K-3 and 5-8. The KIPP Through College Program supports 450 KIPP alumni.  NDA members at KIPP…

Polaris Charter Academy

Polaris Charter Academy Chicago, IL The mission of Polaris Charter Academy is to help students become self-motivated, creative, critical thinkers. The ultimate goal of Polaris is to shape life-long learners and active citizens. Polaris Charter Academy structures its curriculum around “learning expeditions,” which provide stimulating educational experiences. Learning expeditions require students to practice a wide…