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Welcome to the NDA Alumni Project! To celebrate your dedication and commitment to NDA, we’ve created a project to assist you in life after Notre Dame AmeriCorps.

Through this project we want to reengage with alumni like you for several reasons. First, you provided an invaluable service that we want to lift up and share with others. Second, we want to connect you with current sites and members for support and mentorship. Third, your unique experience serving as an NDA member can help us create a service movement that looks at service as a lifelong mission rather than a one-year job.

Using an online interactive forum that will connect you with a network of 4,000 NDA alumni, the goal of this project to is support you in your next steps, connect you to other alumni, service opportunities, and professional development advice, and consider the way service has played a role in your life.

The Notre Dame Alumni Project offers you:

Job OpportunitiesThrough LinkedIn, the Alumni Project provides professional development resources, career planning advice, and job postings in the Non-Profit, AmeriCorps, Education and Service related fields.


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Service OpportunitiesConnect with the Site you served with, and check out service opportunities that are going on in your area!

  • – click on Alumni link then on Calendar to see what events are going on OR click on Alumni then Connect to stay in touch with Site Directors and their teams
  • Alumni Facebook (Notre Dame Mission Volunteers Alumni ) - Look for posts that feature event dates and locations
  • Host your own Service Project - Share your idea with us and we can work together to make it happen! Email


Search: Notre Dame Mission Volunteers Alumni

Leadership Opportunities - Become Head of an Alumni Chapter in your area! We are also looking for alumni to help us with overseeing the project on a national scale. Check out the FOUR WAYS TO BE A LEADER handout for more information.

  • Email if you would like to start or become part of a NDA Alumni Chapter.

Spiritual Retreat Opportunities - Through our partnership with the Lily Foundation, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers is able to offer both alumni and members spiritual retreats co-sponsored by Volunteers Exploring Vocation (VEV).

  • – click on Alumni then on Calendar to see what retreats are being offered
  • Email to find out about upcoming retreats

Benefits - Several benefits and discounts are now offered to AmeriCorps alumni. Check out the following resources found on

  • Free tax returns
  • Discounted insurance through Geico
  • Savings at Motel 6 locations nationwide
AmeriCorps Alums

These benefits are offered in partnership with AmeriCorps Alums, the largest national network of AmeriCorps Alumni. Through our partnership, NDA alumni not only receive certain benefits, but get to connect to the broader group of previous AmeriCorps members from national direct, state, and vista service programs. Learn more about our partner here!

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